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Biosuisse Certification

Organic and Biosuisse Herbs

We, at Althea Organic Herbs company, grow and distribute excellent quality organic aromatic and medicinal dried herbs in bulk, since 2014. We never compromise on our quality standards and our products have their grasp on the market. The secret to our success is that all of the herbs are collected traditionally, carefully handpicked and dried naturally in the dark, and therefore maintain their natural green color as well as their essential oils.

It is highly important for us to follow all the necessary procedures in accordance with the European Regulations concerning our cultivations and drying process and that is the reason we hold the organic certification of the Dionet organization (

Our herbs are constantly inspected and tested in Greek and German laboratories. They are pesticide and alkaloid free.

Additionally since 2019 our products have acquired the extremely strict Bio Suisse certification ( This means that are herbs are not only organic they are good for nature, animals and people. Our production of herbs meets all the necessary ecological demands and also the demands for sustainability and fare trade relations.

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